How To Choose Your Wedding Car

Weddings can be stressful enough, there’s lots of things to organise and make sure are sorted before your big day. The very last thing you want on your wedding day is to be disappointed with your wedding transport. Your wedding car is like an extension of your wedding attire and should be just as fitting and comfortable as what you’re wearing. It’s what everyone is going to see you pull up to the church in and it’s also what they’re going to see you leave in as well so it’s vitally important you get it right. We’ve come up with a few things you should consider when choosing your wedding car.

Does It Match?

As we mentioned above. Your wedding car should complement your dress and act as an extension of your outfit. White cars are great options for obvious reasons. White car - white dress. They always look great together in photos and it’s a pretty identifiable bridal car on your wedding day. Black cars are also great and go with just about anything. They’re elegant and generally look great when they’re decked out with wedding ribbons.



Try your best to keep every part of your wedding inline with your overall theme. If you’re planning to have your wedding in an ancient old castle then choose a old fashioned car. If your planning on having your wedding in the latest luxury hotel then pick a luxury vehicle. Keep the entire theme consistent throughout the day as that will stand to you later when you’re looking back over photos.


If you’re going to be traveling a long distance from your wedding venue to your reception then you’ll want to consider your vehicle carefully. You don’t want to arrive with a stiff back and sore legs or you’ll probably have to sit your first dance out. If you’re traveling a long distance to get to your reception then you’ll want a vehicle with a lot of leg room in the back that will allow you to relax. Try to avoid getting any small sports cars with only two doors as these normally have confined space in the rear. SUV’s are your best bet for ensuring comfort, safety and style for your wedding day.

Your Dress

Wedding dresses aren’t the type of dresses you get a taxi to the club in on a Saturday night. Their puffy, delicate and easily stain. This is something you need to be cautious of when selecting what type of wedding car to hire. Make life easier for yourself and choose a car that you will easily be able to get in and out of along with your dress. Two door cars can be very awkward at times to get into especially when you have to crawl over a seat with your wedding dress.


If you have a bridal party or want to look after your parents/in laws well then you’re probably going to require a second car. Choose your second car as carefully as you would choose yours. Make sure it has enough space for all your guest so that they are comfortable and stress free on the wedding day. Try your best to make sure that each of the cars complement each other and match. At Ridiculous Rentals we offer a discount of any second car hired. If you wish to avail of this discount feel free to contact us here.


If you’re interested in booking you wedding car then contact us - We have a great selection of cars and provide discounts for multi vehicle bookings. All our cars come with a drive, complementary champagne and are decorated in wedding ribbons of your choice.

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